Camping Larabee State Park

Imagine being eight months pregnant and sleeping on the ground. No glamping this time around!

Usually the first thing we do when we get to the campsite is set up camp but then we would’ve missed low tide!

Alex carried Kaya or held her hand as we traversed the rocks because at 8 months pregnant I only had the balance to keep myself up right.

After exploring the tide pools and rocks and sand for a while we went back to set up camp.

I double checked the number but for the first time did not double check the name on the reserved campsite.

I always take the step and have never pick to the incorrect site. I will always double check from now on, however, after spending the night on the ground! Lesson learned, thanks!

We got completely set up and started a fire before the Ranger came over and told us we were in the wrong spot… there was a letter after the number signifying we were in an RV spot!

Instead of packing up everything Alex in the Ranger carried the tent to the next loop. She then put our blow up mattress in her truck bed, unfortunately with the firewood.

The mattress popped! So while Alex patched it Kaya and I explored our new area.

That night we discovered there must’ve been multiple holes because we ended up sleeping on the floor. Not totally fantastic I’ve got to say. But I’m still glad we went.

The real disaster of the camping trip though was that I didn’t bring s’mores makings for a toddler! That’s practically neglectful parenting.

Thankfully she still slept well. There’s something about the outdoors… Since it home she doesn’t sleep well unless the blackout shades are drawn. At least her mattress stayed fully inflated!

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