Baby Kaden has arrived!

My parents were over for dinner. Which is good because right after this picture was taken my water broke and the tiny contractions I’d started feeling the hour before turned into the real deal. Good thing they were there to take care of Kaya because there was no time for anything else. My husband still tried putting away dinner (nesting?) but in that time and our quick drive to the hospital I was already to 6cm.

Three hours after my water broke… tada! Quick, but I wouldn’t exactly say quick and easy…. 😊

Kaya loooooves baby brother, Kaden.

She also definitely needs her snuggle time too. I quickly learned how to physically support a newborn while mentally supporting a toddler (as best as I could anyway). Next I’ll take up juggling!

With your first baby you may stay at home for a bit and just get used to your strange new role of taking care of the little blob that has captured your whole heart.

With your second baby you have other priories like playground on day three (yes I brought a donut hole pillow for the wooden benches)

and Gorditos where their “baby burritos” are actually the size of a baby. Why yes, I’ll place my newborn on your table next to a burrito for a picture and free food! Our baby is already headed for the wall of fame!

Day five I believe it was we were already on the water with the kids! Not kayaking… but on a tour boat in Elliot Bay as part of my family reunion.

This was all back in July, by the way. I’m just now taking the time to write up my posts… something about having a newborn and all…

Newborns are kinda funny looking (though of course looking at your own they’re the cutest ever!) but I love that they smile in their sleep!

Life with two is fun! Minus having to pack a million outfits and diapers and layers again and wow, how do they time it so perfectly to have poops and feeding needs to take two hours to leave to go home?!

Either way we are on the move and ready for more adventure!

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