Summer Shenanigans 2019

Our librarians do the coolest programs! Painting with yogurt with marshmallow brushes, petting turtles and cockroaches, dance parties, firefighters and fighter trucks, oh and reading stories and singing songs 😊 Where I live has 6 libraries within 5-15min so I’m always perusing each libraries events for fun activities.

Other fun things include staring at your newborn, especially when they’re in costume

And the green lake wading pool

And eating ice cream with your bestie


And more staring at your newborn (I am on maternity leave after all…). This outfit we bought in Singapore on our world trip, not long after I found out I was pregnant with Kaden. That reminds me I need to get back to blogging about that four month trip

And more ice cream and walks with besties (I’ve been friends with these ladies since preschool, no matter how many different places we’ve lived in the past 25+ years.


I forgot to mention crafts at the library!

And a date “night” of a bike ride. Yes, we’re parents of a 2 year old and newborn so we had to combine our bike ride with a couple errands but it was still lots of fun! Until later when certain areas reminded me I gave birth five weeks ago (which reminded me to eventually buy a better bike seat)

Walking in the rain (which this Alaskan totally welcome after the heat of summer) and jumping in the sun.

And completion of a soccer season (because watching 2-3 year olds play soccer is hilarious and amazing as they go from picking daisies and running like cheetahs to taking pull backs and shooting on the goal).

And more library story times, which may or may not involve actual stories 🤣 Kaya and the girl in blue danced in the back of this performance then with the dancers (when the other toddlers danced too) and were the last two on the dance floor at the late night time of 7:30pm. Play hard!

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