San Juan Island Cabin

When Kaden was a couple weeks old we drove to Anacortes and took the ferry to San Juan Island.

We love being on the ferry. There’s a beautiful view, no car seats involved, and there’s something fun about the feeling of strong wind on a boat. I remember always going to the front of the boat as a kid.

Alex is always searching for good bakeries and it turns into there’s one right next to the grocery store.

Bakery San Juan

We stopped to check out the alpacas (not to be confused with llamas!) at Krystal Acres, then went to the lavender farm for a walk and ice cream (so so good).

We stayed at a “cabin” at Cattle Point that a couple that goes to our church owns, which was amazing!

While Alex was off running for some exercise Kaya, Kaden, and I went walking for our own exercise (well, Kaden slept in the carrier but I walked for both of us).

We happened to see a young girl (just turned 12) go skateboarding past us a couple times. She saw how interested Kaya was and actually stopped to let Kaya try! She then graciously helped her to skateboard, for a while! Kaya loves it, I thought it was so awesome the girl had the patience to help a 2 year old skateboard and Kaya got to see a female skater. I knew a couple growing up but was never a skater myself and I knew many more boys than girls on wheels.

During our weekend trip we also went to the farmer’s market

And walked in the sun

And went back to Bakery San Juan for pizza (it was good but still nothing beats Moose’s Tooth Pizza in Alaska).

I forgot to take any pics of playing with rocks at South beach (because throwing rocks can be a full family event of course!).

On the ferry ride back we ate pancakes and other snacks we brought with us and enjoyed a little more time together before the next hectic week began.

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