RV Wisconsin Part I

Alex grew up outside Chicago and spent a lot of time traveling through Wisconsin to Pembine area where they had a cabin on a bunch of acreage.

He had negotiated a second week of Paternity leave (unpaid of course…) to be later so this was how he wanted to spend it with our 7 week old (and 2.5 year old)… on an RV trip with his parents to see his old stomping grounds.

All aboard!

The kids loved the RV. Kaya ended up sleeping with Alex on the pull out sofa and Kaden and I slept on the converted table (his travel bassinet can be seen in this pic below and I was short enough to make that work). Kaya would have fit with Kaden even better but we were worried she would be a little too loving with stuffed animals or pillows or blankets at night…Alex’s parents slept in the bed above the front seats.

I was hopeful to continue losing weight but instead ate my weight in squeaky cheese and pastries.

We made a lot of stops, including many short hikes.

Once we reached Pembine we went to the beach Alex used to play at with his dad and grandpa. Kaya is the fourth generation to play at this beach and search for snails!

And we went on more little hikes…

And lived up the RV camping. No tent set up so lots of time to watch the sunset and cook s’mores.

And there’s nothing more fun than beds super high up!

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