Camping with a 9 week old and 2.5 year old

Right after getting back from cushy RV camping in Wisconsin…

We went tent camping! We stayed at the beautiful Deception Pass Campground (let’s not talk about the four hours it took to pack the car for this week long trip between two campgrounds and an air bnb).

It was a rainy weekend in mid September so daytime was fine with a coat but nighttime got down into the 40s.

Kaya was older when we went camping so I was nervous (rightfully, me thinks) about co sleeping with a two month in a sleeping bag on a blow up mattress. Thankfully four layers, in a travel bassinet, on top of an insulated mattress, kept Kaden toasty and happy the whole night.

Kaya of course had to put her doll to sleep in HER travel bassinet (aka shoebox).

I was a little worried about Kaya’s bedtime routine, since more recently it has become pretty set, but she fell asleep just fine (though I had to put her in her sleeping bag after she fell asleep).

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