Rosario Head Scavenger Hunt

When hiking with a two year it probably shouldn’t have too high an elevation gain and shouldn’t be too long, but what else?

Puddles are always a bonus (especially if they are near of you so you can enjoy the view while said puddle is being splashed in) and scavenger hunts (of the easy verity) are awesome.

We got a book called Oregon & Washington 50 Hikes with Kids and one hike in Deception Pass State Park (where we were camping) has the Rosario Head Scavenger Hunt.

First we had to find the statue (Maiden of Deception Pass) guardian of the sea! Kaya was thrilled to spot the statue.

We then saw the low tide area and that’s where the Scavenger hunt ended and the search for sea life began.

I was carrying our two month old so I didn’t venture too far on the slippery rocks but Alex took her out and back (following the rope trail they have to keep people from trampling too much of the sea life; what a great idea!) while I fed Kaden on a log and watched the sea (and the Crow that snuck in and stole one of Kaya’s snacks right next to me).

We didn’t have time to actually do the 1.5 mile hike or scavenger hunt but we did play around the trail area, looking out over Rosario Head.

I did have the thought, while exploring every nook and cranny of one part of the short trail, It would be nice to actually finish a hike for once (again).

I think between this kid’s hiking book and some online searching and a plan of progression we might be able to do it! Or at least have fun trying.

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