Deep Cove

After camping at deception pass we drove to North Vancouver and checked into an air bnb. Alex had a continuing education course for the week so I took the kids out exploring.

The first day we went to Panorama park and walked around Deep Cove, somehow ending up getting honey donuts!

Panorama park has, you guessed it, a beautiful view! It also has a playground and beach area down below.

The playground is definitely made for older kids, and all four of the kids playing there were about Kaya’s age, so they just ended up running around chasing each other, giggling, and climbing on the lower section.

At the beach area it was beautiful. Deep Cove reminds me of Juneau, Alaska at Auke Bay.

Kaya had a lot of fun, first throwing rocks then wading in (she didn’t even get wet in her Walmart Unicorn Boots and Oaki Rain Suit!!).

It started to rain while we were at the playground but we didn’t mind.

Eventually we ended up in a donut shop

That evening we went for Persians food (my favorite in North Vancouver) and dessert at a Persian restaurant.

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