Shoreline Trail

When searching online for short toddler friendly walks the Shoreline Trail, starting at Rocky Point Park, came up as a popular walk. The suggested path was to go basically from one playground to another but it was too far of a distance for me to go without knowing if I could take a stroller  (since I can’t carry my infant and toddler). I still don’t know if you can, since I didn’t go that far… but the portion we went on would have been fine with any larger wheeled stroller I think.

If you do, just park in what looks like is the restaurant parking lot. I initially parked in the dock area and got both kids out before realizing the sign said it’s only limited parking for boat launching… fantastic. I had to strap both kids back into their car seats and drive the 1 minute into the restaurant parking lot that’s listed as 4 hour parking if I remember right.

We started off just by walking on the dock to the end (and watching the teenagers kayaking around there) then went along the path starting at the park (open grassy area by the parking lots) going by the playground (after getting some coffee from the stand in the park, that also has lunch foods if needed).

The path was very pretty by the water then led into the woods.

We walked along the path, listening for birds and looking for squirrels. Kaya talked to this tree for a solid 5 minutes, chattering about how we would come back to visit and the tree would still be small but bigger and maybe old enough to drink coffee, etc.

On the way back we stopped by the playground, with the main structure shaped like a pirate ship.

Adjacent to the playground is a splash park but the water wasn’t going since it was September. Kaya made a few toddler friends at the playground and they soon found their way to the splash park as just a nice open area to run around.

Something I’ve really appreciated about kids in Canada is they actually play with each other nicely, the bigger kids pay attention to and help the younger kids, and having ethnic / language barriers didn’t hamper any play (not because kids generally seem to pay attention to this on any playground but sometimes the parents seem to, unfortunately). I could just sit back with Kaden and keep an eye on Kaya from afar. We’ve played on a lot of playgrounds in ~20 countries in the past year and Canada has been one my favorites (based on the kids / parents / equipment), with a sample size of about five playgrounds in the greater Vancouver area.

After the playground we stopped for ice cream (in the row of buildings, close to the parking lot) at Rocky Point Ice Cream. So delicious!!

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