Pastries and Farm

On our last day in the AirBnB we checked out early in the morning so we’d have plenty of time to adventure. First we went to the Capilano Mall Food area and got pastries at COBS bread. I mainly went there for a different pastry shop that had dulce de leche (and because someone recommended the mall since it was near where we stayed) but they didn’t have it out yet and the woman setting up didn’t seem too much in a hurry for my hour parking slot (with our cargo box my car is too tall for most garages and I had to find street parking).

Next we went to Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver. It wasn’t too expensive ($8.50 for me and $5 for Kaya / above 18 months) and we made a full day of it (since we didn’t have anywhere for nap time we stayed from opening until almost closing).


Most of that time we spent in the goat pen.

Maybe there’s a place to nap after all!

But also got to pretend to milk a cow,

and saw an actual goat getting milked.

There was also a bunny / guinea pig area pen where you can feed them (though they weren’t very hungry) with veggies you bring yourself.

The ducks and geese, on the other hand, seemed to be bottomless pits for the birdseed you can buy there.

Next we picked Alex up at his course and headed North on a beautiful windy drive towards Whistler for some more camping.

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