Lewis Creek Park Salmon Stream Story Time

How did I not know about the three Ranger Stations with year round kid’s programs in Bellevue?!

I realized I was willing to seek out education centers / ecological centers / nature centers while on trips (like our trips to Wisconsin over labor day and Lynn Canyon mid September) but not while at home.

This led to an online search and am checking them out as often as I can (stay tuned!). The first I went to was great! Story time at Lewis Creek Park Ranger Station.

The story time is an hour, including a themed story and craft (Salmon were running so there was a story about a salmon then we made a craft on the salmon lifecycle).

To make it worth the extra drive to the East Side from North Seattle (still only ~ a half hour each way but that adds up) we planned to come early next time for the playground and stayed late to feel the pelts and wooden blocks and identify the animal tracks (the first pic) and look through a few more books. There were many books, including picture books for kids up through many adult nature books with good local info. We will definitely be coming back here.

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