Shadow Lake Nature Preserve Edible Plant Walk and Bog

In my continued search for Seattle area (including nearby cities) outdoor fun learning opportunities I could do with both kids I stumbled upon Shadow Lake Nature Preserve. They are in Renton and privately owned and freely open to the public (though you need to let them know if you’re using the upper trails and drive up there from their office area).

The owner hauled a bunch of trash out and painstakingly started restoring / preserving / expanding. I won’t do the story justice here but check it out.

I took the kids to the Edible Plants one hour nature walk and really enjoyed my time there (though didn’t eat anything because it’s a preserve…).

We went to the upper trails into the woods.

I enjoyed how many kids were on the walk but also all the adults without kids. It was a good mix of humans!

And plants, of course.

After the Edible Nature Walk I took the kids to the boardwalk through the bog. I’d read that it’s stroller accessible for the most part and my back was hurting from having Kaden in my front pouch, so I got out our stroller.

Unfortunately I’m now realizing that stroller accessible and double stroller accessible needs to be clarified even in the outdoors!

Kaya got out to help me pull over roots so we could eventually get to the boardwalk.

The tires rubbed up on the sides of the boardwalk most of the time but I wasn’t going back over all those roots!

There were informational signs along the way, mostly with info we’d just learned on the walk.

It was short, about a quarter mile, so Kaya ended up walking the whole way despite having just finished a the upper trails nature walk.

Kaya, the energizer bunny, still had energy to play in the leaves before we finally left to go back home. It’s a bit of a longer drive for us but I will definitely see if I can go on their guided nature walks again in the future.

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