Toddler Nature Art

A walk around Green Lake is always great, especially in the fall with the beautiful colors. I enjoy the colors and people watching, Kaden enjoys the fresh air, and Kaya enjoys petting every dog that will let her (we do have a rule we can’t stop people from their walks so thankfully that limits how many people we ask).

Kaya’s new friend Moose

While on our walk we collected leaves and few other nature items.

Next we got out the sponge paintbrush, paints, cardboard (to catch the extra paint), and paper.

Painting the leaves, pine cone, and stick was as much fun as pressing them down on the paper.

We even tried painting dirt attached to a plant (taken from our front yard).

I helped hold a couple of the items and helped her press a little harder onto the page but she did the rest and ended up with some really neat art. At least compared to the usual two year old scribbles that I also adore, of course.

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