Carkeek Nature Trails

In line with my goals of getting into nature despite being back to work in the afternoons we went with a friend to explore some of Carkeek Park one morning.

This park is less than 10 minutes from my house, in the city, but as soon as you’re even approaching the park entrance, on a windy wooded road, you begin to feel like you’re in a state park outside of town.

We walked only a short ways, walking and talking with my friend while Kaya walked and explored with her friend.

The salmon run hadn’t made it here yet, but it was a good reminder that they are coming!

We ended up by the demonstration garden that also has the signs of a local outdoor preschool there. I really like the sign they have!

I think next time we explore Carkeek outside of the playground I need to pull up a map. Afterwards I found a map online here and will probably eventually explore all the trails. Today was a little dry run (before this we’ve only gone to the playground there a couple times).


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