All Hallows’ Eve (make that week)

We really get a family picture, and this is still just taken with an iPhone, but at least it has all of us together!

This is at our church’s harvest festival  (I know it’s New Year’s Eve when this posts, and I’m writing it on Thanksgiving, but it actually took place during Halloween!), that had this cute head photo booth, a gym full of booths to play games and get candy prizes and a bouncy house and then the auditorium had food and dancing. Not bad for a small church! 

This was almost a week before actual Halloween and started our celebration off with a bang (and bag full of candy).

A couple days after went to the zoo indoor play area where they had storytime with a snake. 

Tummy time on a stump

The night before Halloween we started the sugar in earnest, with a backyard s’mores night at the neighbors.

The morning of Halloween we dropped off a meal at a church members house who needed one and saw this spider decoration across the street

Kaya; look, someone left their swimsuit

Me: that’s supposed to be a spider

Kaya: is it squished?

I drop the kids off at Alex’s work so I could get to my own work party earlier (all the good food disappears quickly!) 

That night we went to another church party where they had a lot of people parked with their trunks open and decorated, handing out candy (so much better than door to door) with their indoor area full of games. 

In case you are not a comic book nerd with a good imagination: Alex is Arrow, I’m Felicity Smoak, Kaden is Batman or a raccoon (depending on whether he’s too warm for his costume), and Kaya is Nemo.

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