Mercer Slough Ranger Station Story and Stroll

I finally made it to the third Bellevue Ranger Station, the week before Thanksgiving. We were already running a little late when I also had to go into multiple buildings to find them (there was a school program going on in each so I kept seeing kids but they were too old). It didn’t help they were up in a tree house!

I wouldn’t have even noticed it but a mom saw me from up there and called out to me.

The ranger helped Kaya up while I brought Kaden up.

We listened to what was left of the story then all went out on our the stroll part of the story and stroll.

The ranger asked the kids how far they thought the water would be then grabbed a stick to see.

The kids got to feel the bottom of the water with the stick. It was as tall as they were!

We went along a little ways then turned back to the ranger station.

This ranger station had a lot more displays than the others, and more toys, but not as large of a play area (though the Ranger said there’s a big adjacent room they will use for crafts).

We played with the toys for a while and I couldn’t help but look at the book titles (so many local nature books I haven’t looked at yet!!).

Eventually we pulled ourselves out of there but will definitely be back.

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