Chillin’ (Heatin’?) in Maui

Maui is our favorite retreat because of course it’s awesome to visit with lots to do, with an invitation to just relax, with amazing weather year round. Of course it helps that my parents have their retirement home there so we also have a place to stay!

The week of thanksgiving we went, meeting my parents and brothers and sister-in-laws and one nephew there (my nephew is a cutie and I have lots of great pics of him with my kids, but out of respect to his parents concerns over internet safety his face isn’t going to be clearly shown; not for lack of love!).

It’s so great watching Kaya play with Artie (they’re 8 months apart, which sometimes is drastic at this age and sometimes nothing at all).

We all played together in the pool!

And did a lot of lounging,

at the pool and beach.

Once when Kaya was making a sprint for the waves by herself I put Kaden down on the beach towel in the center. In the thirty seconds I was gone (since she actually listened to my yells for her to come back, I just didn’t want to wait to find out if her selective listening was going to kick in) Kaden rolled over and scooted into the sand. He was lightly covered in sand (heavily on his leg) but totally happy.


Kaya loved playing in the waves with Alex at Kamaole beach park 1 (Kam I).

Kam I

After a day at the beach we went for Shave Ice (by the Worldmark) at a VW camper van.

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