We rarely take a family pic so that was an added bonus to travelling to Hawaii with family! One top priority of my brother’s was to go to a Lu’au (maybe for the pork roast, maybe for the unlimited fruity drinks).

We walked through a fancy hotel (the Grand Wailea Resort) and stopped to smell all the flowers.

What is this? More family pics?!

Speaking of which, if you’re in Maui and looking for a Lu’au I’d say this is definitely family friendly. The entertainment is fun (lots of dancers and a variety of performances (including fire!). Buffet style so you can find something for everyone and they’ll make virgin drinks of anything.

They brought out the giant pig at the start of the feast (they already had the buffet prepared, this was just for entertainment and I assume for the next show).

Got to love millennials (yes, I know, I am one but not as authentically as these two).

There were plenty of real hula dancers, and then us… Kaya loved participating in the dances when it came to our turn. I choose a spot in the back of the stage as a compromise.

Kaya got in line, twice, for pics with these guys.

This was an awesome post thanksgiving meal with the fam (who wants leftover turkey EVERY meal).

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