Lynn Canyon – North Vancouver

There’s a super expensive suspension bridge somewhere in North Vancouver. I say somewhere because I haven’t even looked it up since Lynn Canyon is free!

(Sorry I didn’t post this earlier with the rest of my Vancouver area posts, it got half written and lost in my pile of drafts. We went in September)

The bridge definitely bounces and is pretty far, so if you have a fear of heights I suggest going when it’s not very busy and not looking down. I was only fearful of slipping while wearing Kaden and holding Kaya’s hand, but she did great on her own so we crossed just fine.

While not going far we certainly had fun! We did a bunch of stairs down then explore among the trees and rocks.

Kaya will fearlessly forge ahead then… “hand! Hand!” When she gets stuck or scared. Then the microsecond she feels safe again it’s “I do it all by myself” and my hand is brushed off and she’s miss independent again.

We had fun throwing leaves into the flowing river, watching the leaves swirl around and into rocks as it went downstream.

And of course touching everything (I love where we’re somewhere I can just remind her to be gentle versus “don’t touch that or that or that or that…”.

Oh yeah, Kaden was there too! (Just harder to photograph and not as active at two months old). Just looking around at the pretty nature.

On the way back up the stairs we stopped a few times, not for a rest break (though I was glad for that too) but to check out the wildlife.

Banana slug

After we made it to the top we went to the visitor’s center where we paid a few bucks and went in to play and learn about animals (and have a puppet show and draw).

It was a lot of fun! I wish we could come more often and this helped inspire me to find all the places within a reasonable drive of the Seattle area.

We also bought a rock chart at the gift shop there I really liked because of the clear pictures and Kaya’s current fascination with rocks (naturally). I don’t know that we’ll use it frequently but it’s laminated and should last forever so it seemed worth it!

Lynn Canyon is a lot of fun, especially since we had a whole morning and afternoon of fun for about $10.

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