Discovery Park Loop Trail (with a double stroller… yikes) and indoor play area

Inside the Environmental Learning and Visitor’s Center

I’ve been inside the visitor’s center before, but never with a toddler, so that’s like discovering it all over again. The main area was mostly for older kids but Kaya quickly found the kids area to the back right (pics on that later). I’ve learned you always start with the hike or you can’t get out of the visitor’s center if the toys are too cool.

Looking at the map I wanted to go down to the lighthouse with a friend from occupational therapy school. We instantly got lost (I should have handed her the map as soon as I got it) and ended up deciding on the loop trail because we found it first.

Hitting the Trail on Discovery Loop

I would not call this a stroller accessible trail… between the roots, narrow paths (though we always fit even with the double!) and most of all mud… it took both of us pushing and pulling in certain areas. Maybe in the summer with my Thule single stroller this would be fine. Instead it was just an extra workout!

The fog made for some cool views of passing ships and making you feel a little bit more in the middle of nowhere (despite being in a city park).

And the fog looked even cooler as it settled onto the path.

Finally, almost three miles later, we ended for some play (and more caching up with my friend) at the visitor’s center in the back playroom.

We will definitely coming back. Except not in the foreseeable future since basically all of Seattle is on lockdown currently for the coronavirus (this trip was back in January in the pre COVID-19 days).


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