Leavenworth: Drive, sledding, and evening life

I think I just wanted to post this picture to show off Kaden’s corner of the room with his cool national park theme.

We stated off the morning packing like crazy. The week did not lend itself well to even thinking about our weekend trip to Leavenworth and we planned to fit skiing and sledding and seeing the town into our 36 ish hours.

We finally got on the road in early afternoon. The road from Seattle to Leavenworth is about 2.5 hours through a mountain pass. It only took us about 3 hours, with a couple stops to let the kids out of the car seat and do a diaper change.

So happy to be out of the car seat
Can I drive?

We got there just in time to unpack, suit up, and get outside for sledding. The snow weather hadn’t looked too promising on the forecast so we didn’t want to get Kaya’s hopes up then dash them. She knew we were going somewhere for the weekend with her grandparents, aunt, uncle, and similarly aged cousin, but nothing more. She was thrilled to find snow in the parking lot when we arrived.

Sledding into the evening
Leavenworth downtown
Waiting for our pretzels and beer (and apple juice)

This turned into a rockin’ dance party with the toddlers 🙂

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