Kirke Park

We explored a slightly further away neighborhood park in March, not knowing it would be our last playground for months. It’s still on my list of parks to go back to.

The kids loved the disc swing and I loved it too because I never felt they were going to fall off but it seemed way more fun than a regular swing.

It was cold and actually hailed while we were out. Kaden definitely got cold (Kaya doesn’t seem to ever notice) and I wondered if I shouldn’t have brought them when it was so cold.

But they had a blast and there’s no time like the present! Which was good because… I left the park that day thinking I would come back next week and instead still haven’t been back five months later because of Covid.

We spent most of our time on the disc swing but also in the natural area and on the slide. I really liked that the slide was wide enough for me to go down with both kids (since Kaden was sitting up but not able to slide by himself).

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