Coal Creek Falls Birthday Hike

For my birthday we went hiking. It was the beginning of March, when covid rates were beginning to really spike in Seattle so social distancing was important but it was right before the parks and restaurants shut down.

We got a Hike it Baby Membership (I think it was my valentines present). I signed up for the hike on my birthday but we didn’t get out the door for the start time.

It’s easy to park but we initially got a bit confused at where to find the start of the trail and wound around another trail a bit. It’s ultimately a short enough hike that was fine but did about four miles in total.

One of us was happy to see the falls, the other was a bit suspicious

Once we got to the falls we found a group of toddlers and it was easy enough to ask them if they were the hike it baby group 🙂

The adults (and thus the kids in the packs for this adult paced hike) stayed socially distanced. The kids weren’t allowed to share snacks as they usually would.

Neat the end we got the toddlers out for hiking at their pace.

We ended with Legendary Donuts nearby for my birthday “cake”. Perfection.

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