Carkeek Park Beach – natural distancing

Yes, I washed my hands before March 2020. As a healthcare professional I have used plenty of hand sanitizer and plenty of hand washing but since I worked in Lynnwood, right by ground zero for covid in the U.S. we took it to a whole new level. Still no masks though, because we couldn’t get them AND wanted to make sure health care professionals working with suspected / confirmed covid cases could have the PPE.

The playgrounds were shut down but not the parks (yet). Being a short drive from Carkeek park made a huge difference. We could stay socially distant for the beach and rolling down hills.

Rolling hill: A hill we normally bypass, between the playground and bridge to the beach, now perfect for vestibular needs usually met by the playground.

It was our go to place before the parking lot was closed.

Lots of sensory stimulation (the feel of sand, the sound of waves and the train, the feel of wind and water and sun, etc.).

Lots of place for carrying heavy rocks and climbing and balancing on logs.

Hopefully we’ll bike there again soon or the parking lot will open back up. It’s a wonderful place for naturally socially distanced sensory play.

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