The new normal: teaching a toddler COVID safety

Up until this time we’d just explained places were closed (schools/daycare, work, libraries, the zoo and children’s museum, etc.) and the kids stayed with one of us while the other went to the grocery store. At some point we realized it was going to be months if not years so needed to start with some basic safety training.

We realized when Kaya came out looking like this, asking to go to the store, that we needed to expand our explanation (balancing with not making her afraid of the world).

We explained we didn’t know if someone was sick, so had to give distance to everyone, but didn’t mention we could have something to pass along because we didn’t want her to feel internally contaminated.

Who left this gold on the floor?

We explained that some places had to shut down because the virus, for now, so that’s why we couldn’t find toilet paper at the stores (Kaden didn’t know he was wasting precious resources in his play).

After a couple of months of the kids exclusively being at home (since Alex was still laid off we didn’t need childcare and he could go to the store when I was home) we finally went out as a family. We both had to be there to sign something at the bank so Kaya was thrilled she got to go for a drive and we stopped off for donuts too (I stayed in the car with Kaden since he’s too young for a mask, but they brought us back a treat).

How did you explain covid precautions to your kids?

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