It’s hard to eat donuts with a mask: going back to the clinic

I went back to work in clinic after doing a few weeks of teletherapy online.

It was nice to no longer be trying to work at home (having young kids mean they don’t understand why your door is shut and you’re inaccessible when home, even with daddy in the room).

Trying to type a note between patients while baby is feeding and older sister wants to be close.

The masks are comfortable enough but it sure makes things like hydrating difficult, and drinking coffee, and eating the occasional donut brought to work.

First day at work I wore my glasses like normal. Second day I got smart and wore contacts for no fog.

Side note, I will definitely pull the “healthcare working during pandemic” card if a police officer says anything about me drinking my coffee driving to work, since it’s illegal in Washington to drink (anything) and drive.

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