Franklin Falls Hike (kind of socially distanced)

Franklin Falls Trail is a shorter trail in the Snoqualmie area (2 ish miles so Kaya could walk it herself). It was our first real hike (which I currently define as difficult enough I can’t take both kids by myself) since COVID hit and the parks finally re-opened.

We went with our friends / quarantine buddies so had four adults, two three year olds, a one year old, and a 10 month old.

I’m just going to say….there were a lot of people that definitely didn’t read this sign. No one communicating about passing and I felt like we were always the one on the side of the trail when someone wanted to pass or was coming from the opposite direction.

Side note, they closed the bathrooms (which to me is less sanitary, overall, but no one is asking me :D).

That being said, I wasn’t too worried about brief encounters outdoors so overall I just focused on enjoying what almost felt like a normal day, out in nature.

Off to the side of the trail, again, to maintain distance
Walking down to the falls

On the way down to the actual falls it was slick and steep and there was a huge amount of people. We got stuck down there for 5-10 min as one crowd was coming down and another crowd was going up. We waited in line, perched between pointy rocks, waiting for the other hikers to decide their covid confidence level on the foot wide two way path.

On the way back we took Wagon Road Trail, which was waaaay less crowded. Highly recommend.

Finally enjoying a socially distanced hike…together ;D

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