Boating Lake Chelan

Over 4th of July weekend we took a few days off for a long weekend for our family reunion. We were stuck in phase two (oh wait, still are!) but decided to go forward with it anyway since most everyone going had been staying home and we’d spend most of our time outdoors. I excitedly baked a couple sourdoughs to share and we hit the road.

Unfortunately we left after work and it quickly became dark and rainy. There’s no pictures because it was a white knuckle drive including my windshield wipers apparently not working well, deer leaping into the road, a rock slide onto the road with rather large rocks I had to swerve through, and GPS leading us to the opposite side of the lake so we had to turn around and go up the other side. We also had to stop a couple times on the long drive, because of course our kids can’t be the ones that fall asleep as soon as the car hits the road. I also had to drive slow with our kayak on top of our kayak rack, so all in all it was an over 6 hour drive instead of 4. Oh, and we hit construction. So around 2am we got to the airbnb and my brother sweetly stayed up to show us which room was ours.

The next day made up for it, in seeing family and going boating.

Alex and Kaden
Cousin time
Learning to drive with grandpa

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