Mommy and Daughter Power Tools Project: Free Garden Bed

With safety glasses on I got to use my first circular saw to make a garden bed from wood our neighbor wasn’t using. Kaya put on her safety goggles to help place the wood and “supervise”.

Full disclosure, as I was cutting through the wood it was both terrifying and satisfying and I felt good showing my three year old to be careful but not too afraid of power tools….you know, girl power or something like that. Then I hit a knot with less than an inch left that I could just not power through. So I admitted defeat and grabbed my hubby to help me with the last two seconds of cutting. Then I realized Kaya didn’t care at all and it just turned into a family project.

We dug up a pile of soil that had been delivered years ago (before we owned the house) to a pile that had grown over with grass (but was still a distinguishable mound).

We got excited and bought some wood at Home Depot. It was so expensive post COVID! $50! I will definitely be waiting until I can get some more free wood before building any more beds.

The way it worked out on timing I was moving the dirt by myself this time and man dirt is heavy! I made the mistake of filling the wheelbarrow the first time and took approximately a century to walk it across our yard.

Once the soil was in I moved the starts I’d planted as seeds into both.

Over the summer we grew some pretty great tomatoes and Zucchini and monster sunflowers.

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