Yikes, it’s almost been a year!

I’ve definitely been embracing the slower life. We’ve had plenty of adventures to blog about in the last year but… I just haven’t, whoops!

The last few days we just spent in Chicago area and are now in Charlotte visiting friends, so with the time off work and usual daily life I’ve had time to think about what I want to work towards.

Visiting family outside Chicago

I want to focus on faith, family, learning, and spending time outdoors (whether that’s in the Kayak or in the garden).

Camping last month at Rasar State Park

I’m homeschooling (more like unschooling) my four year old, playing with my two year old, and preparing for the upcoming baby.

We’ve already got the scooter for baby, so we are officially prepared!

We spend time outside whenever we can and are exploring different hobbies. Kaya is doing mixed martial arts and I’m learning more about plants and city homesteading life.

Brazilian Jujitsu
Kaya decided to take seeds from this years crop and plant them in our new greenhouse

My parents just bought some property in northern Washington that is mostly overgrown and run down but has so much potential and they bought it for us all to use and enjoy. Who knows what the future has in store!

The house isn’t really livable yet but I’ve already picked out our camp spot!

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