Train from Seattle to Glacier National Park during COVID

Train Depot in Seattle

We planned a trip to Glacier National Park for August 2020 a year in advance (with my parents and siblings and their families… never guessing it was a good vacation pick for the year (outdoors and not too populated to stay near) or guess that we wouldn’t even know if we could go just weeks before, despite the planning. I’m so glad it worked out!

Mask on the three year old is just part of daily life now
Smaller sleeper car (chairs concert to a bed for lower bunk) has the glass doors that close. To keep the kids in their seats and the virus out 😷
Playtime in our little cabin
Visiting aunt and uncle down the hall
Grandparent time
The upper bunk is always the best (to play on, not sleep on for the littles…). Side note, all three of us ended up on the skinny bottom bunk. Between that, the movement, and the noise (on the tracks and the whistle) I’m not sure I slept much all the way to Whitefish.

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