Green Lake Stand Up Paddleboard

I’m going through my drafts to see what’s complete enough to post, from summer of 2020, to try to capture that… interesting year (with a focus on the positive, because that’s what I’d like to remember the most).

This was a Green Lake paddling (SUP, staying close to shore) and swimming trip we did.

Side note: I actually don’t recommend the baby life jacket (the toddler one pictured from Costco is good though) and if you have one recommend you see what happens when baby is actually in the water. It flips mine over to be face first! (I emailed the company but they basically said it shouldn’t do that…). So I’ll use it since it’s more comfortable for super safe trips (I’m right there, on a lake, weather is fine, other adults are near, I could swim us back), since my kids have tolerated it for longer times and it just gives me a handle for them and keeps them above water, but would never use it kayaking where we leave the close shoreline or if there was any current. I wish I knew the brands names but don’t have it in front of me. I still have both life jackets so at some point will try to remember to update!

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