Hiking in Maui with toddler and preschooler

For Christmas we went with our little clan to Maui. They had just opened back up (with covid tests before coming) so it wasn’t too busy and is naturally great for distancing there. We spent most of the time at my parents future retirement home (with pool!) and did a few hikes and a little playing at the beach.

We went to the Nakalele blowhole (I thought it was called Devil’s blow hole but that’s not the name that came up on Google).

Not just socially distanced but blow hole distanced
Hiking back up from the blow hole

When trying to get to… something, I can’t even remember what now, the road was closed for a rock slide. So we just got out at the closest place we could park and started up a trail for a little ways and just played in the water for a bit. We bought banana bread on the side of the road on the way back, the last delicious loaf he had.

A nature walk we did on the trip as well at the Hoapili trail.

One can’t visit Maui without getting shave ice at Ululani’s, in my humble opinion.

And of course without spending time at the beach.

A lot do the trip we just spent time at the house / in the yard / at the pool, which was also paradise getaway.

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