Learning to ski with little kids

For Christmas I got both classic and skate skis from my husband and his aunt and uncle (who choose Colorado as their retirement location for the skiing!). I’ve snowboarded but somehow, despite growing up in Alaska, never skied.

Learning with a one year old attached to your back is a little rough, I quickly discovered, but much easier when just trying to keep up with your three year old.

We paid for the sno-park pass (which is $20 per car per day or $80/year) and went four times this winter (plus some skiing at home when we got a rare good snow fall in Seattle) between Cabin Creek and Gold Creek.

That was much more affordable than going to a resort!

Skiing for a little bit, heading back, doing something more playful (just playing in the snow / sledding / snacking), then heading out for more skiing seemed like a good recipe.

Then something amazing happened. On one of our trips a man randomly came up to me at the head of the ski trail, handed me his business card, and said he had something that his kids were done with, and he could give it to us for our little kids!

I thought it was too maybe a little too random and from what he described was a pull behind trailer that normally cost hundreds of dollars and was out of stock.

Well I contacted him and he dropped this amazing Bee off!

There’s a little storage in the back so I didn’t even have to carry a backpack (or a child!). It was heavy on my husband but… he still went faster than me so I didn’t feel too bad for him 😉

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