About me

Hello! I’m Kyrstin, a Seattle paddler who has a tandem kayak with my husband. To pay for our paddling (and because we love helping others) I’m an occupational therapist and my husband is a physical therapist. I’m writing this blog because our misadventures and adventures would probably have been a bit easier had we read a Seattle-based beginner kayaking blog to help guide us. Then again, I’m the type that leaps then looks to reflect.

Most of my experiences are in the Seattle/Washington area, but I have also paddled a little in Alaska (Anchorage and Juneau) and Hawaii (Maui) and plan on paddling in Oregon and California and Canada, and who knows where else.

Feel free to comment, especially with your own experiences or questions. There’s many ways to do things and a lot of kayaking to be had in the area that we can all benefit from your comments.//

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